Earth Observation and Modelling

Development of a pre-operational application for monitoring melt ponds in Arctic sea ice using Sentinel-2 MSI and EnMAP data (ArcticSense)
Meereis, insbesondere das arktische Meereis, stellt eine essenzielle Klimavariable dar. Die Entwicklung des arktischen Meereises und dessen Veränderungen im Nordsommer stehen daher im Fokus von wissenschaftlichen, sozi-ökonomischen und politischen Diskussionen.
TEMPO - Temporal Evolution of Melt POnd characteristics in different Arctic sea ice regimes
Improving the predictive capabilities for the development of Arctic sea ice cover strongly depends on a better understanding of the ice-albedo feedback mechanism. There is still a lack of knowledge about the temporal and spatial dynamics of melt ponds and their role in the Arctic climate and ecosystem. Using a combination of multi- and hyperspectral airborne imagery and bio-optical modelling we aim to quantify melt pond fraction and depth in different ice regimes.
Development of a remotely operated floating platform to calibrate and validate optical remote sensing data in the Arctic sea ice supporting the MOSAiC experiment
SEWAMM - Sustainable ecohydrological water management under global change in Myanmar