Earth Observation and Modelling

Overview ongoing research projects

Operationalisierung von DAS-Indikatoren mit Fernerkundungsdaten (DASIF)

Mit Methoden der Fernerkundung entwickeln wir in diesem Projekt operationelle Verfahren, mit denen das Umweltbundesamt analysieren kann, wie sich DAS-Indikatoren in Deutschland entwickeln.


Development of a remotely operated floating platform to calibrate and validate optical remote sensing data in the Arctic sea ice supporting the MOSAiC experiment

To enable non-destructive pond measurements, the project aims to develop a remotely operated and floating platform for measuring the light field above the water surface and within the water body of melt ponds.


Development of a pre-operational application for monitoring melt ponds in Arctic sea ice using Sentinel-2 MSI and EnMAP data (ArcticSense)

The aim of ArcticSense is to establish the use of high-resolution optical data for a monitoring of bio-physical characteristics of melt ponds (extend, bottom relief, bathymetry, phytoplankton content).


TEMPO - Temporal Evolution of Melt Pond characteristics in different Arctic sea ice regimes

Improving the predictive capabilities for the development of Arctic sea ice cover strongly depends on a better understanding of the ice-albedo feedback mechanism. There is still a lack of knowledge about the temporal and spatial dynamics of melt ponds and their role in the Arctic climate and ecosystem. Using a combination of multi- and hyperspectral airborne imagery and bio-optical modelling we aim to quantify melt pond fraction and depth in different ice regimes.