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Development of an atmospheric correction over coastal and inland waters for scientific exploitation of EnMAP and Sentinel-2 data – Optimising quantitative assessment of submerged coastal macrophyte vegetation (KelpMap 2.0)

In the KelpMap 2.0 project we aim to develop an atmospheric correction tool over coastal and inland waters to increase the scientific exploitation of EnMAP and Sentinel-2 data.

The procedure will be based on analytical equations and will enable the correction of effects due to the water surface and adjacency. The final product will be freely available; it intends to invite scientists to expand the use of remote sensing data for further research and development in this field. EnMAP and Sentinel-2 (will) provide data suitable for monitoring coastal and inland water bodies. We are confident that the atmospheric correction tool will increase the synergetic use of these sensors; it therefore will provide a good springboard to increase scientific exploitation in this field.
Within the project we will apply the tool to airborne and (simulated) space-borne data acquired over the coastal waters of Helgoland (North Sea, Germany).
Main goals of KelpMap 2.0 are:


  • Development of an atmospheric correction tool for coastal and inland (case II) water bodies
  • Adaption to EnMAP and Sentinel-2 data
  • To optimise applicability (in this case to monitor submerged coastal vegetation) the tool will be coupled with the bio-optical model WASI-2D
  • Accuracy assessment

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Space Agency of the German Aerospace Center

11/2014 bis 08/2018

Project coordinator:    
Prof. N. Oppelt

Project staff:    
Sebastian Riedel

Project partner:    
Dr. Peter Gege, German Aerospace Center Oberpfaffenhofen


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