EOM organisiert Gewässer-Session beim Living Planet Symposium 2019

EOM organisiert Session zu Binnen- und Küstengewässern beim Living Planet Symposium 2019 der ESA (13. - 17. Mai 2019).

EOM lädt alle Interessenten der Binnen- und Küstengewässer ein, Abstracts für Vorträge und Poster für das Living Planet Symposium 2019 in Mailand einzureichen. 


Titel der Session: Monitoring water quality in coastal and inland waters (Space and Earth Observations C2-08)

Inhalte: Inland and coastal waters are critical components of the global biosphere, play an important role in the Earth's biochemical cycles and provide various ecosystem services to human beings. At the same time, inland and coastal waters are increasingly threatened due to anthropogenic pressure and climate change. A timely and accurate monitoring of water quality is therefore necessary to enhance the understanding of their functions and to enable a more effective and sustainable management. The current generation of sensors offer a high potential for a remote sensing based monitoring across global, regional and local scales. Nevertheless, there is still an urgent need for reliable remote sensing techniques to monitor these important aquatic ressources. 

This session therefore invites contributions addressing new instrumentation, technology and algorithm development for operational monitoring of water quality of inland and coastal waters. This includes new or improved applications for atmospheric correction, parameter retrieval, data assimilation, and synergistic use of sensors as well as new and operational activities for validating water quality products. 


Weitere Informationen zum Symposium und für das Einreichen von Abstracts gibt es auf der Webseite des Living Planet Symposiums.