Earth Observation and Modelling

GeoCare - Geoinformation Technology in Support to the Protection of Agricultural Resources and Risk Management

The aim of GeoCare is the protection and preservation of agricultural production resources and the provision of coverage for farmers’ production risks by integrating geoinformation technologies into insurance solutions that include a geo-integrated risk and damage management.

Risk management instruments, like traditional single insurance products and comprehensive multi-peril crop insurance policies, are used to cover the individual or combined risks in plant production. Thus, they offer a substantial contribution to sustaining and strengthening agricultural production in a worldwide context.



Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture


Funding period:

09/2016 bis 09/2019

Head sub-project:

Prof. Dr. Natascha Oppelt

Project staff:

Matthias Wagner

Felix Linhardt

Dr. Alireza Taravat (until 11/2018)


Project partners:

GAF AG (lead), Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture (LfL), German Weather Service (DWD), Munich Re